Friday, May 18, 2007

Katrina Renae-Senior 2007

Vision Bank Scholarship

Katrina won the Vision Bank Financial Leadership Scholarship!
She had to write an essay and complete some other leadership activities.
Congrats Katrina!!!

Bruce William-Senior 2007

~ Bruce William Ainesworth~
Senior 2007
Congratulations Bruce! We are so proud of you!!!

Dalin Cole

Dalin and Grandpa enjoying some work on the tractor.

Kolache 2007

Sarah was crowned as the 2007 Prague Kolache JR. Queen on the 48th Annual Kolache
Festival, May 5th 2007.
Czech Dancers

Katrina really enjoyed her last day of being "queen"!!! But is sad that it's all over now. It has been a very wonderful experience for her!

Sarah and Dad in her mustang.

To everyone that called, e-mailed or came to the festival---we thank you for your prayers, concern and encouragement for both Sarah and Katrina, and our family!!!