Thursday, September 28, 2006

Escaping Piggies!!!

This morning our breakfast was interupted by the escape of our piglets. They were having a good ole' time out in the "wild"
It's been an exciting and eventful day!

County 4-H Banquet

At our annual Banquet all of these 4-H members from our club recieved awards.
We had a good group and had a lot of fun!

Construction of our Addition

They cut out the arch leading into the old part of our house. It really helps open up into the addition. Does'nt it look nice?

The balcony view.

They are hand texturing the walls now.

Construction of our Addition

The insulation is in. It was mighty strange looking!

The beautiful arched window was (finally) put in successfully!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Month from the Wedding...

The wedding is getting closer and we are all excited!

Heathers 13th Birthday

Heather celebrated her Landmark Day-her 13th Birthday this Friday!
Happy Birthday Heather!

Joshua's Sweet Sixteen

Joshua celebrated his Sweet Sixteen this Wednesday!
None of us can really believe it! : )
Happy Birthday Joshua!

West Fest in Texas

Mom and Katrina enjoyed going to West, Texas for the Czech Festival on Labor Day Weekend.
Despite the horrible traffic and crazy drivers they had a safe trip and had a great time!
Heres some photos from their weekend:

Katrina with the National Miss.Czech/Slovak Queen (the one crowned at Wilber)

Posing for next years program at West Fest Grounds.

Isn't that the cutest lil' czech maiden you've ever saw?